Tomb Explorer V1.2.1

2016-12-01 19:05:08 by jonhdimi

New quick updates:

  • New 4th map arena, bigger and harder
  • Medal/Trophies support!
  • Wooden Swords don't reset on new level

The local savegame that holds your highscore might get erased.. It's a flash thing I guess.

If it happens I'm sorry :-( 

Tomb Explorer V1.1

2016-11-28 21:47:15 by jonhdimi

Update V1.1 for Tomb Explorer

  • New big arena at level 19
  • Enemies can move faster at later levels
  • Arenas now change at level 10 and 19
  • Tweaks to item spawn rate
  • Tweaks to enemy population
  • Some new tiles at some levels,also new colors every level
  • New scoreboard at leaderboards.